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"Means of Grace" for April 12, 2021

Means of Grace 5

Welcome to another edition of “Means of Grace”! Here’s a collection of articles that connect, in various ways, to what we’ve been preaching and teaching this week.

The Regulative Principle Made Simple

Yesterday, I referred a couple times in Adult Sunday School to the “Regulative Principle of Worship.” This article is a helpful and accessible introduction to this concept.

What Can Miserable Christians Sing?

And as we’re talking about worship, I don’t want to pass up the opportunity to commend Carl Trueman’s classic essay, “What Can Miserable Christians Sing?” to you all—it’s a must-read! And don’t miss his follow-up reflections from several years later as well.

Ann Judson

Yesterday I used as an illustration the letter Adoniram Judson wrote in 1810 to Ann Hasseltine’s father, asking for his consent to marry her and take her on the mission field—perhaps never to see her family again. Here’s an article on the life of Ann Judson.

The Ruins of Ur

Abram and his family were originally from the city of Ur. I found an article has a really interesting photo gallery of the city’s ruins—the link is below. (As an aside, and as a heads-up, the article is about a papal visit and an “inter-religious service” there. I find it profoundly ironic and deeply saddening that, while Genesis tells us God called Abram out of Ur and out of the false worship of pagan gods there, here we see a putatively Christian leader, one supposed to be a spiritual descendant of Abram, heading literally back to Ur for the express purpose of joining another religion in its false worship. But I digress…) Here’s the article.

Beehive Houses of Harran

In Abram’s travels from Ur, he stopped in Haran, now called Harran. I mentioned the famous “beehive houses” found there. Here’s a travel blog with a lot of nice pictures of these structures.

I hope this is all edifying to you! God bless you all.