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Means of Grace for June 14: God's Nature, Spurgeon's Evangelist, Culture War, Tradition & More!

Means of Grace June 14

Here's another iteration of "Means of Grace," a collection of recommended resources from around the Web to help you in your Christian walk!

Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday, and so (especially in light of our recent look at Revelation 3 and 4, and some of the points we’ve touched on in the Nicene Creed series), here’s a really helpful article at TGC by Dr. Matthew Barrett of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: On Trinity Sunday, Delight in the Radiance of God’s Glory

Carl Trueman had a must-read article called “Is God A Therapist” on how crucially important holiness will be for the church in the coming years, and how vital for holiness it is that we get God right. A teaser: “If our imaginations are not fired by the greatness of the eternal communion with our glorious God that will be consummated at the end of time, then the problems of this present age will loom large and always threaten to overwhelm us.” Here it is.

Alastair Roberts with some desperately-needed cautions to Christians about “resisting a totalizing culture war mindset, of not allowing fixation on cultural battles to crowd out more fundamental matters.” Pastor Peter Mahaffey in Ontario said of his thoughts that they are “possibly some of the most important words I've read this year” and I think he’s right.

I think all of us—and especially the ladies among us—would find this story (Twitter thread) to be a great encouragement. Read it! The Untold Story of C.H. Spurgeon’s Greatest Evangelist: Mrs. Lavinia Strickland Bartlett

Here’s a blog article on the nature and usefulness of “tradition” (in the positive sense!) by Dr. Scott Swain (of Reformed Theological Seminary) that I found extremely helpful. A couple teasers: “Central to the task of transmitting the faith from one generation to the next is the requirement of transmitting it as a whole, without addition or subtraction….it is the meaning, not simply the verbiage, of the Bible that is normative for Christian thought and life and…false teachers often seek to hide unbiblical meanings under the cloak [of] biblical terminology.” I commend the whole thing to all of you.

They found King Herod’s bathtub. The things we leave behind...

And don’t forget our Song of the Month for June, a song some of us used to sing at Calvary Grace but which the majority of you here at Grace will find new: Mark Altrogge’s As Long As You Are Glorified.