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Song of the Month for May: "O God, My Joy"

Copy of SOTM 2020-5 blog

As is our custom here at GCC, we will be introducing a new song as our song for the month of May during our first Sunday gathering of the month. Our song for this month is "O God, My Joy" by Paul Keew and Brian Pinner. This song was chosen to help us finish our time in the book of Habakkuk well and it will assist us in proclaiming the awesome truths found in the first chapter of First Peter, the next book of the Bible that God has drawn us to as a church family.

"O God, My Joy" can be found in our “Hymns of Grace” hymnal (#100). A link to listen to a moving orchestral version of the song on YouTube is below, as well as the story behind the song.

“When I was a grad student, God got my attention through his loving discipline and showed me that he was not the ultimate joy and treasure of my life. Other loves had stolen my affection and his glory had grown dim in my eyes. As he drew me back to himself, he gave me this song. I still remember exactly where I was driving when my meditations turned into the opening line and melody which became “O God, My Joy.” I shared it with my good friend Brian Pinner, who helped me significantly in shaping the themes of each stanza. It has become a kind of theme song for me, constantly reminding me of God’s rescue in my life and of where I need to be—fighting to keep my eyes on God and his glory. We are all fellow-strugglers in the fight for true joy.”


The rest of the story and be read, and a free download of the song can be downloaded, here:


O God, My Joy