Main Service Sunday at 10:30 AM | Frank Wills Memorial Hall | 405 1 St E

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Drive-In Services Starting Sunday, 10:30 AM at Frank Wills

May 6 COVID-19 Temporary Zoom Blog

Hi everyone,

In light of the further restrictions announced Tuesday, our hosts at Frank Wills Hall have graciously agreed to let us hold our Sunday services as drive-in events in the Frank Wills Hall parking lot. We're planning for these services to start at 10:30 AM.

Just so everyone knows what to expect, we’re thinking of setting it up to be preaching/leading in the back parking lot, in such a way that those on the side/entrance part of the lot can see and hear as well. We’ll be spacing the cars out a bit—probably 2 cars to every 3 spaces. (Given the fixed number of parking spaces, families should try to come in one vehicle, or at least leave one vehicle outside the parking lot and sit together in the other). We’ll encourage everyone to open their windows to help you hear and so we can sing together, and to keep engines off; you may want to have coats depending on the elements. We’re planning to have service handouts as usual. The Hall’s washrooms will be available if they are needed; otherwise, we’ll ask everyone to please remain in your vehicles while on the Frank Wills property.

Also, we encourage everyone to think about ways to fellowship afterward—there’s parks and playgrounds around if the weather isn’t too bad, and the opportunity to get together in small groups once off the Frank Wills property.

This is our first time trying to mount one of these, so please be patient, and ideas and suggestions are welcome! May God continue to build us up in these trying times.