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"Means of Grace" for March 17, 2021

Means of Grace 2

Welcome to this week's edition of "Means of Grace!"

First, an admission of error. In this past Sunday's sermon, I had mentioned, as an illustration, an asteroid that was supposed to strike the earth in 2027—turns out thankfully that it was a NASA exercise scenario, not a real thing. Mea culpa. God continues to preserve creation as he promised Noah and his descendants!

The Foundational Nature of the Covenant with Noah

I mentioned in the sermon how God’s delegation to mankind, in his covenant with Noah, of "the power of the sword," of life and death over human beings becomes foundational for the institution of civil government. Here’s a couple articles reflecting on that principle:

A Required Reckoning,” from Ligonier Ministries

Post-Fall Politics,” by John Sikkema at ARPA Canada.

Understanding the Biblical Covenants

I mentioned also that it’s vitally important for anyone who wants to grasp how the Bible fits together to understand that the covenants are the “framework” of redemptive history.

Here is a short, easy-to-read overview of the covenants by Tom Schreiner.

Here’s a somewhat longer overview of the whole “story and message” of the entire Bible as unfolded through the covenants, by Steve Wellum.

And while “Means of Grace” is more about providing articles, I’ll also recommend three books on the covenants: one nice and short, one of medium length and difficulty, and one heavyweight!

SHORT: Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World, Tom Schreiner

MEDIUM: God’s Kingdom Through God’s Covenants, Peter Gentry & Steve Wellum (this is an abridged version of the “heavyweight” below)

HEAVYWEIGHT: Kingdom Through Covenant, Peter Gentry & Steve Wellum

Some Stuff Related to Current Events

First, praise God that the prayers of so many have been answered and that the Crown is withdrawing most charges against Pastor James Coates. He will probably be released Friday.

Second, I mentioned at the beginning of the sermon a troubling story of a Regina church facing a human rights complaint for the content of a sermon on sexuality preached in the church. It’s disturbing because it’s an attempt to have the state regulate the very content of church teaching. Here is the story.

And finally, as it’s St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a really interesting article in the National Post by Pastor Clint Humfrey (pastor of our mother church) on Patrick of Ireland.

God bless all of you, all this week!