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"Means of Grace" for April 5, 2021

Means of Grace 04

He is risen! Here’s a new edition of resources related to our teaching and preaching.

“He Descended To The Dead”

Just what was Jesus doing between his crucifixion and his resurrection? There’s a number of views, but this article represents my own position (and, I think, the view with the most biblical support and the longest history in the early church)--here is Matt Emerson on Jesus’ “descent to the dead."

Evidences for the Resurrection

George Sinclair has a nice writeup at TGC Canada on ten pieces of evidence for the veracity of the Resurrection.

Torchlighters Video on William Tyndale

While I haven’t watched this yet myself, this looks really interesting—an animated video on William Tyndale, the man who I mentioned Friday as the source of the word “scapegoat” in his English translation of the Bible. Families with kids may be keen to check this out!

The God Who Forgets

Tim Challies has a good writeup on the importance of the forgetfulness of God.

I Have A Shelter In The Storm

One of my all-time favourite songs from Sovereign Grace Music is this gem, “I Have A Shelter.” If you haven’t heard it, take a few minutes and listen—you’ll be blessed!

Our Song of the Month for April 2021

Pastor Andrew already shared this via CCB and we’ll do up a separate “Song of the Month” announcement for social media this week, but in case you missed it here is a link to the new song we sang yesterday, CityAlight’s “It Was Finished Upon That Cross”!


May God bless you all richly this week!